Worktop Fabrications: Kitchen Sinks & Countertops

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The centrepiece of a home is the kitchen and that is where we spend most of our time. We pride ourselves on offering worktop fabrications and materials that can be seamlessly matched around the kitchen – from worktop to sink, we provide continuity of style that is unrivalled. We take care of everything – Kitchen worktops, bars, seating, dining tables and much more. Our materials are ideally suited to furnish any kitchen space – from a minimalist arctic white colour scheme to more traditional colours, our range of brands including Corian, Hanex, Krion, Staron, Hi Macs and Durasein offer a wide variety of choice even before the design of the kitchen has started.

Worktop fabrications colour matching:

Discover our range of colour-matched kitchen sinks:

  • Corian sink: Our Avante range seamlessly matches any chosen Corian worktop.
  • Staron: Sink bases from Staron are designed to complement their extensive worktop selection.
  • Hi-Macs & Hanex: Featuring stainless steel bases that perfectly coordinate with their respective worktops.

For inquiries about solid surfaces for countertops or to learn more, contact us today or fill out our quote form. Please note, these sinks are made to order and typically have a lead time of 3-4 weeks. Once you’ve chosen your sink, visit our Colours page to pair it effortlessly with your preferred manufacturer-associated shade.

Need a quotation?

If you would like to have a Corian worktop, Corian sink or other worktop fabrications in your kitchen, please click here and fill out the forms and upload your plans. We will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your quotation.

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